Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

 Mission Statement

Unchain Ontario's Dogs is opposed to the unending confinement and neglect of permanently chained dogs. We seek to provide a unified voice for responsible dog ownership, community & owner accountability and to up date laws to enhance the standard of living for dogs and safety to the public. The group strongly promotes dangerous dog laws that are not breed specific, keep the community safe and hold owners accountable. Our focus is to prevent the unjust treatment of innocent dogs from a lifestyle of dangerous isolation and neglect. What is a chained dog?

Unchain Ontario’s Dogs was founded in the summer of 2007 by an incidental animal advocate. In the early stages of U.O.D., the goal was to help canine victims of permanent chaining who had gone stray and unclaimed, find homes or pertinent rehabilitation. Shortly after it's commencement, U.O.D. was flooded with stories and complaints of neglected permanently chained dogs within Ontario as well as surrounding provinces and states. Soon after reviewing bylaws within their community and province, U.O.D. began educating in their area on the unnecessary suffering of animals. U.O.D. began educating town councils on the safety and humane issue that permanent dog chaining inflicted on the community, encouraging them to update grossly outdated bylaws. Adding to U.O.D.'s efforts, they post formerly chained dogs who have gone a stray or have been legally surrendered, in need of permanent homes.

U.O.D.'s hopes to encourage communities across Ontario and beyond, to examine the quality and standard of living of any animal exists in and to speak out to their town/city to encourage positive change for a safer and more humane society.

The Future

U.O.D. hopes to begin funding other rescues in rehabilitating, spaying/neutering unwanted stray/chained dogs so that they may find homes. U.O.D. will eventually like to open it's own rescue exclusively to dogs in need who have suffered through chaining or other abuse.