Break The Chain


There are ways to help improve the lives of chained dogs across the province.  It starts in your home town, talking to your town councillors and Mayor.  We have done so in our towns and raised awareness for these dogs.  Improving bylaws and reporting abuse to animal control (who uphold the bylaws) is the only way to go.

If you would like to make change in your community please contact us; we have letters and presentations for council you can borrow.

Do you know of a chained dog in your area? Please email us the details, as we are keeping statistics on the occurrences of chained dogs in different communities across the province.

***Unchain Ontario’s Dogs does not condone the stealing of dogs, harassment or damaging of property***

Wally aka Cash


Status: Deceased

Wally was a chained dog that was dumped at a mall in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  Collected by animal control, he was unclaimed and taken in by Precious Paws rescue in Barrie, Ontario.  He extremely emaciated and placed at about 7 years old.  He was cut, bruised and infections in his eyes and genitalia.  Wally loved people, and in his short stay changed lives.

On March 18th, after some improvement, Wally's organs gave out from the stress of being starved.  If you recognize this dog please email us; his abuser was never found.  

You can donate in Wally's memory to Precious Paws rescue, who frequently helps out chained dogs.